The Arts Society Bristol


The Committee performs a wide range of jobs to run the society. This includes keeping membership records, arranging lecture series, organising study days, trips and holidays, awarding bursaries to schools and funding arts projects for schoolchildren. There are roles which involve hosting the lecturer before and after meetings, organising the lecture programme itself and overseeing the recording of church artefacts. Committee elections take place at the January AGM and the committee takes charge from 1st July that year to 30th June the following year. We are always keen to welcome new members to the Committee and any member who would like to know more about the different roles on offer can contact any committee member for more information. Here is the list of current committee members and their roles.

President Miss Susan Hampton
Chair Mr Henry Alpass
Vice-Chair VACANT
Honorary Treasurer Mr Lyle Evans
Honorary Secretary Mrs Lin Standen
Programme Secretary Mrs Mary Alpass
Visits’ Secretaries VACANT for 2017-18 (Temp – Mrs Frances Brown and Mr Richard Brown)
Study Day Secretaries Mrs Allison Stevens, Mrs Karen Zold
Young Arts Secretary VACANT for 2017-18
Church Recording Mr Henry Alpass
Heritage Volunteers Mrs Debby Sandow
Membership Secretaries Mrs Stella Victory (A-K), Ms Lin Cobb (L-Z)
Website and Communications Ms Lin Cobb