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Young Arts Projects are aimed at engendering an appreciation of the decorative and fine arts in young people.

Thank you to Susan Merelie, our Young Arts representative.

From Susan

Young Carers Art at Southmead Arts workshops, funded by Arts Society Bristol, and run by local artist, Rachel Davis, have been held in March and April for young carers. They used a variety of techniques, including print-making and collage to create some fascinating images. The work is now on display at Southmead Hospital in the atrium. Project details here.

Home At Last community opera The Arts Society, Bristol was involved in an exciting project last autumn (2018). An opera was commissioned to commemorate the end of World War 1. This involved primary and secondary school pupils as well as adult choirs, soloists and orchestra and was performed in St. Mary Redcliffe Church in October. The church was decorated with 100 glass poppies which we funded. Volunteers from our society helped the primary school pupils to make the poppies (under the supervision of a local artist) which were displayed in the church for a period of time following the concerts. Project details here.

Many thanks to Marion Brown, our former Young Arts project co-ordinator.

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Kings Weston Villa project

funded by BDFAS and organised with Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, involved a group of 21 students from Oasis Brigstowe Academy and Kings Weston Special School visiting the Kings Weston Roman Villa. This resulted in creative ideas for items to be sold at the Museum shop. More pictures here.

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Stained Glass Window project

funded by BDFAS, a NADFAS Patricia Fay grant and the Friends of Bristol Museum, Galleries and Archives and organised in conjunction with Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, involved the pupils of Elmfield School for the deaf researching and helping design a modern stained-glass window to replace one lost when St Stephen's church was bombed.
On 24th November 2016 the project culminated with the unveiling of the window at the M-Shed. The event was well attended by the pupils of Elmfield School for the deaf who had been involved in the project, the Artist Dora McCormack who had made the window, teachers and governors of the school, Museum staff, and representatives of Bristol , West Mercia and Wessex DFAS. The elected mayor, George Ferguson, was there to present the pupils with Certificates. The window is on permanent show at the M-Shed.

Details of the project can be found on the Bristol Museum Website. Further details are on the Elmfield School website - the visit to Bristol Blue Glass factory, glass cutting and painting, designing stained glass windows, and the unveiling.

Arts Society Bristol YA Blaise pottery

Blaise Primary School project

funded by BDFAS was held in the amphitheatre in the garden of Blaise Dairy over two days with classes from Blaise Primary School. BDFAS paid for a potter to demonstrate Neolithic and Bronze Age artefacts to pupils and teach them how to make pinch pots. One of our members showed pupils how to spin wool and how to weave, showing them different woven fabrics. Staff from the archaeology department of Bristol Museum also showed the pupils how to build models of wattle and daub homes with sticks, willow and clay. The potter took the pots away to his kiln and returned them to the school after firing. The Museum staff and teachers found this trial practical teaching engaged the pupils effectively and enjoyably.